Transportation System of Bangladesh

The transportation system of a country is an important factor in the growth of the its economy. Bangladesh has multiple modes of transportation. One can travel or deliver goods by road, rail, by air and by water. However, the transportation structure of Bangladesh needs a lot of development to ensure further growth of the economy.


The city of Dhaka is more developed than the other major cities of Bangladesh. All the major government offices, corporate offices, bank head offices, even the best schools, colleges and universities are all situated in Dhaka. For this reason, the capital city faces a huge traffic problem. Roads of Dhaka are no longer sufficient to facilitate all the vehicles. Several steps have been taken by the government to solve the traffic problems but so far, they have not yield any success.


At present, many major highways are facing problems. The busiest highway, the Dhaka-Chittagong highway is not wide enough for the passing vehicles and has large cracks in multiple spots. Due to this reason, transportation becomes slow; and traffic jams and accidents often occur. The government needs to repair the highways and the connecting bridges to speed up the process of road transportation.


The railway connects Dhaka to almost all the major cities and towns. The total length of Bangladesh railroads is approximately 2,706 kilometers; 923 km are broad gauge tracks and the rest are metre gauge tracks. The Ministry of Railway is planning to add a third rail to the major rail lines to solve the existing gauge problem.


There are some important railway bridges which connects the eastern and the western side, namely, the Hardringe Bridge and the Bangabandhu Multipurpose Bridge. A few years ago, Bangladesh and India started an exclusive train line between the two countries.


The water way is of extreme importance in Bangladesh as the entire country is covered with numerous rivers and canals. There are approximately 8,000 km of navigable waterways in Bangladesh. Ferries, launches, steamers, cargo ships, cargo launches and cargo steamers are available in the river ways to transport passengers and goods. Even though there are some risks of accidents in the waterways, until this day the waterways of Bangladesh remain one of the cheapest and most popular methods of transportation.


In addition to these ways of transportation, there are 16 paved airports in Bangladesh including three international airports in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. The international airports are used for both international and domestic flights and the other airports are used for domestic purpose only.


There are also two sea ports in Bangladesh; one in Chittagong and the other in Mongla.


The government needs to set their attention towards the improvement of the transportation system of Bangladesh as soon as possible. An improved transportation system is essential for the growth the economy. -